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Furnished Rental List

What to Stock in Your Furnished Rentals in Fountain Hills AZ

The better stocked your Furnished Rental is the higher Rent you will receive and the more likely your quests will return year after year. Here are some suggestions, add and subtract to your liking.  Winter Guests treat your home like their own and tend to give it back better than they received it.

The more you can make the home feel like a home the more winter Guests will enjoy it.  Pictures on walls, decorative touches,  just eliminate personal pictures.  Most owners designate a closet in their home to accommodate all personal items that can be locked and inaccessible to guests.

Winter Rentals in Fountain Hills is in high demand again and if you are thinking about renting your home for the winter months,  here are some of the things we suggest as a minimum to stock your home to maximize your rental potential.

Fountain Hills Winter Rentals


Full set of Silverware for 6-8

6-8 salad Plates

6-8 Dinner Plates

6-8 Cereal/Salad Bowls

6-8 short Glasses

6-8 tall Glasses

4 Wine Glasses

1 Pitcher


Frying pans

Pots Small and Large

baking sheets and trays

Mixing Bowls

Kitchen utensils (Spatula, wooden spoon, tongs, flipper)

garbage cans

Coffee Maker


Spice Rake(optional)


Cutting board

BBQ for outside

Dish Towels

Pot Holders


1 hand soap

small garabge can

Two sets of Two per (bathroom hand towels, washcloths and bath towels)

Two Extra towels

Bath rugs


2 sets of Sheets per bed

2 pillow per side of Bed

1 Extra Blanket per bed

TV especially in Master (Flat Screen Preferred)

1 Clock per room

1 minimum night stand light

Living Room


Sitting chairs

Magazines about Arizona



DVD player

Decorative Items


2 chairs and 1 table

BBQ grill (if your HOA allows it)